2010 MMGi  H2ome  Superyacht…

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– Bonjour, je suis marin en méditerranée et depuis quelques jours je croise entre Porquerolles et St Tropez, un yacht tout noir dans l’esprit du Wallypower. Néanmoins, à part l’inscription « Valetta » le quartier maritime de Malte, impossible de déceler le nom du navire qui selon moi mesure entre 30 et 40 mètres. Gatsby serait-il capable d’en savoir plus sur ce yacht ? Contactez moi par mail, j’ai une photo prise hier devant Porquerolles.  @ bientôt, Fred.

– Salut Fred, Envoyez-moi votre photo, j’essaierai d’en savoir plus ! Amicalement, Patrice

– Apparemment t’as l’air de vouloir relever le défi, c’est cool ! Accroche-toi parce c’est pas gagné, je connais la plupart des yachts qui croisent en méditerranée, celui là, jamais vu, on dirait un bateau en W mais aucun indice… Bonne chance et tiens moi au courant, j’entends bien avoir la primeur ! Pas évident n’est-ce-pas !?!? Depuis que je t’ai envoyé la photo, je ne l’ai pas revu. Il a peut-être fait route sur Porto Cervo, la Croatie ou les Baléares, je ne sais pas, du nouveau par chez vous ? Cordialement, Fred.

– J’ai cherché dans les 24 heures ou nous avions échangé nos émails, puis plus rien… Si ce navire a bénéficié d’un emplacement dans le port de plaisance ou vous avez pris votre photo, vous auriez du demander à la capitainerie, ils devaient avoir les coordonnées du bateau… Le H2OME a été construit par le chantier italien MMGI de Monte Falcon et dessiné par le studio Alab. Il navigue à 40 noeuds avec 3 moteurs totalisant 7600 chevaux (propulsion par jet)Il était disponible en location Charter avec jet privé et voiture de luxe, mais il est maintenant à vendre pour 14.500.000 euros… Ci joint diverses photos ainsi que la description en anglais. AmicalementPatrice

The MMGI shipyard completed a yacht that is a bit different from the norm yet refreshing to the eyes.
The new yacht is the 44-meter « H2ome » and is now available for charter.
According to the builder, the thrill of speed was the motive for creating this unique project.
An overall appearance of a sailing yacht (void of mast) with the ability to plane at high speeds were considerations. At 25 knots continuously she has a range of just about 700 nautical miles but her cruising speed is around 18 knots. H2ome was slated to carry 3 X MTU 2000 M93 series engines but apparently uses 3 X CATs that can push her near 200-tonne frame to just under 40 knots. When I say green walls I mean living walls with plants growing on them.
Her 8-meter overall beam contains an interesting interior complete with green walls.
The comfortable interior has been developed by A-Lab and accommodates 10 guests and 8 crew members. Her interior is very light and airy with large banks of windows transferring the outdoors inwards.
H2ome’s has been built in aluminum and features a semi displacement hull form.
The finished floor in the saloon is in teak as are her exteriors decks.
This wonderful vessel is currently available for charter. 
The luxury motor yacht H2OME features fine and slender lines, with an incredibly low superstructure, wide decks and spacious outdoor areas.
The yacht was built at the MMGI Shipyard, with the collaboration of the interior designers at Studio A-Lab, the naval architect Mario Grasso of Navirex.
The owner also had personal involvement during the build and is very proud of this innovative project. This unique motor yacht H2OME is one of the few yachts to have a double hull configuration that can be both displacement and planning hull due to the third water jet.
Motor yacht H2OME can be considered as a ‘race yacht’.
Thanks to her narrow and long bottom, the ‘double speed’ hull at 20 knots, allows navigation in displacement speed, for economical and comfortable navigation, whereas the planning hull allows navigation in surfing speed reaching a maximum speed up to 36 knots. The superyacht H2OME also has a 4.400hp Vericor gas turbine to feed a third waterjet that increases the total installed power to 8.250hp enabling a maximum speed of up to 36 knots.
Luxury Motor yacht H2OME is constructed from a light Alloy designed to reduce weight and increase speed. Her propulsion is provided by double water jet linked to twin CAT engines with 1.925hp each, allowing an average cruising speed of approximately 17 knots.
Because a ‘zero speed’ stabilization system would limit the high speed performances of M/Y H2OME one was not fitted however the yacht already features high stability thanks to an extremely low barycentre and reduced height of the superstructure. He salon features a large Fendi designed seating area for guests to relax in plus a library and a projector providing both DVD’s and Sky TV.
Motor yacht H2OME has an open and bright salon thanks to the windows on three sides of the room.
The saloon has a multimedia system view on demand which offers the guests a vast range of movies and music.
The yacht has exceptional interior features and design , from the subtle touch pad light settings to the Schifano paintings.
The Dining area can accommodate 10 to 12 guests for a formal dinner on a gorgeous crystal table. The wonderful aft deck and the wide spaces on motor yacht H2OME are made of nature-whitened teak offering a sense of continuity with inside and out, which ends in a very spectacular stern which features 3 terraces receding to the sea level without any interruption. The expansive views of the sea make M/Y H2OME a real ‘navigating villa’ equipped with a wonderful hall dinette on the main deck, a magnificent full beam master cabin and four luxurious guest cabins. Luxury charter yacht H2OME has a professional crew of 7 and will be based in the South of France and will cruise the West Mediterranean. Motor yacht H2OME is the ideal yacht for entertaining with vast amount of deck space that can accommodate for up to 100 guests.
A Lear Jet 60 Bombardier may also be chartered with H2ome, which is at the complete disposal of the client for the full week.
Alternatively, the client may charter it for single use.
Please enquire for more information (150.000 euros a week).
Luxury motor yacht H2OME can accommodate 10 guests in 5 cabins located on the lower deck.
Motor yacht H2OME’s Master Cabin features a full queen sized bed, original art deco couch seating in silk and an antique crib. This unique luxury charter yacht also features 3 VIP Cabins with double beds, large ensuite‘s, a large LCD Television, and a full wall of wardrobe space.
There is also a walk in closet, a large LCD television facing the bed and a spacious ensuite.
There is also one Twin cabin with 2 single lower twin beds each with its own LCD TV.
The twin cabin also has an ensuite bathroom and a large amount of wardrobe space.
All cabins have a multimedia system view on demand which offers the guests a vast range of movies, music etc.
Each TV works independently thus guests can choose as they like what they would like to watch. For sale : 14.500.000 €uros

– Bonjour Patrice,
C’était pas évident n’est-ce-pas !?!?
Bravo, vous êtes très fort !